If you arrived here looking for “BasicLog”, it has been removed from this website.


BasicLog was initially written using Windows 98 and Microsoft Office 97.  Recently folks that have tried using newer versions of Excel have been unsuccessful in getting it to operate.


If you have a need to use BasicLog and you have the 1997 version of Excel, contact me (W8TN on QRZ.com) and I’ll send you a copy of the program.


For those who still need a way to easily enter paper logs, I have been recommending Fast Log Entry as a replacement for BasicLog.  It does not require you to have Excel and creates the ADIF file without the need to "manipulate" the files the way BasicLog does.  Fast Log Entry (FLE) is a FREE program and allows you to enter old QSO's nearly as fast as BasicLog.   I've used it to enter several hundred QSO's and it does a very good job.

You can download FLE from this link:


Make sure you read the step-by-step introduction to the program here:



That will do a better job than BasicLog and you do not need Excel.